ADVENTURES IN LITHUANIA is a travel related cluster, created for the promotion of adventure travel in Lithuania. The cluster has been created back in 2020 and consists of 8 Lithuanian companies, that are:

JSC „Kauno piligrimas“, reg. nr: 134073885, located in Vilniaus g. 74A-3, Kaunas, Lithuania.

MB „Adventeris“, reg. nr.: 304958804, located in Dvaro g. 11, Meikštai, LT-30279 Ignalinos r., Lithuania.

MB „NJOY pramogos“, reg. nr.: 305567986, located in Pakrantės al. 14, Raudondvaris, LT-54136 Kaunas region, Lithuania.

MB „Miško sielų stovykla“, reg. nr.: 305568294, located in Mantvilų 1B, Mantvilai village, LT-65347 Varėnos region, Lithuania.

MB „Ah tai šitaip“, reg. nr.: 305565387, located in Pakrantės al. 12, Raudondvaris, LT-54136 Kaunas region, Lithuania

MB „Kilbukas“, reg. nr.: 305558492, located in Akacijų al. 7a, Kulautuva, Kaunas reg., Lithuania.

MB „Babadukas“, reg. nr.: 304954318, located in Liepų g. 1, Vadžgirys, LT-74323 Jurbarkas region, Lithuania

MB „Norika“, reg. nr.: 305469944, located in Lauko g. 27, Tauragnai, LT-28313 Utena region, Lithuania.