AdventuresINN SERVICES is a new inbound tour operator in Lithuania with focus on adventure travel, active entertainment and recreation. Adventure tours, eco/ recreational tours, military tours, bachelor & bachelorette parties. Fishing, sailing, hiking, camping, cycling, kayaking, racing, drifting, flying, shooting, yoga, meditation, special events and more.

All inclusive travel tours, that we offer:

AdventuresINN - adventures in lithuania forts

Adventure tours: from 3 to 7 days tour in Lithuania. We create your travel itinerary from our adventure list: adventures, offered by our suppliers or by ourselves. Ability to choose from: Fishing, sailing, hiking, camping, cycling, kayaking, racing, flying, shooting, etc.. Full list in “Activities”.


AdventuresINN - Adventures in Lithuania - recreational tours

AdventuresINN Eco/ recreational tours: from 3 to 20 days. We offer travel itinerary for nature lovers who want to spend some time living in a forest house, countryside villa or country homestead together with village people, spend some relaxation time in the best SPA’s of Lithuania, enjoy fine dining and other pleasant treatments. During the period we offer activities as meditation, yoga, walking in forest, hiking in the region, working everyday jobs in a crops fields/ animal farm, visiting local spa centers, village saunas & baths.


AdventuresINN - Adventures in Lithuania - military tours

AdventuresINN Military tours: from 1 to 6 day tours, combined with other activities from our list. The tours include visiting historical places like leftovers from a cold war: the signal battalion for serving the missile launching facility, missile launching facility depot and derelict military villages, underground nuclear warheads assembly workshop. Our clients will have the ability to choose the option for shooting legendary combat weapons in a shooting range; to play military games in military polygons, like: 6 or 24 hour games “Survining in team”. We also have a 6 hours long option “Introductory Course of Special Operations Forcesand we offer a real tank riding experience.


AdventuresINN - Rally events, bachelor parties in Lithuania

AdventuresINN Special events. We offer the ability to implement any special occasion into the travel program, like a VIP entrance into once in a year event “1000 km endurance race in Palanga” or Lithuanian drift championship or Rally championship or any festival that you desire to attend or construct your bachelor or bachelorette parties.